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Business strategies from the military

strategies   People in the military are trained to defend the nation and save lives. On the battlefield, these people fight in life and death situations. That is their job and it must be done according to certain strategies and decisions that are made with both great speed and care. It is no wonder that many business leaders are keen to learn how military practices and knowledge can benefit their company.

Businessmen can learn leadership, strategy and operations facilitation from the military. The following are some points from former military members that have also experienced the business environment.

The importance of trust

In the military, trust is an essential factor, especially since both leaders and subordinates are protecting and helping one another in times of crisis.

Trust should also be an essential growth factor in any unit of a company, for managers and employees alike. Subordinates should trust their managers, in regards to their current tasks being based on a bigger purpose, while managers should trust their subordinates with their independent actions and know that they are working towards the company’s interest.

Imagine when a manager decides to micromanage his or her subordinates. This will reduce creativity and initiative drive, while wasting time and effort.

Trust helps managers balance between giving freedom and controlling it. It brings great benefits to the overall management of the organization, as it helps in making it flow seamlessly. Yet in order to achieve this, immediate and long-term goals have to be established for all company departments and levels.

The importance of continuous training and preparation

Military forces train for many months before going on their missions, and even then, they are constantly training and preparing for any attack or dangerous situations that might occur. Because of that, training and preparation helps individuals to face the worst and to never be dependent on luck.

One must understand that if you are not able to train in optimal conditions, stressful ones won’t prove to be much help. It is up to the individuals to know how prepared he or she is to face the company’s struggles and to work on fixing them. By intently steeling yourself against any possible adversity, one can efficiently and effectively decrease any chance of making an error.


The importance of timing

Again, on the battlefield, everyone must be swift when making a decision, as everyone is a bullet away from death. In business, swiftness means taking the opportunity before it’s too late.

Besides continuous training and preparation, learning from failures can also help in creating better decisions – faster. By implementing information obtained from past experiences, one can have greater insight on what works and what doesn’t.

The need for both a leader and a manager

Leaders and managers are two completely different things. A leader leads and knows “how to do the right thing”, while a manager manages and “does things right”. It is crucial to have both of those two characters in an organization, but we rarely see them in the same workplace.

In the military, those two archetypes are seen from the top to the bottom ranks. In a company, balancing between leader and manager characteristics is deemed important for achieving proper and effective decision-making, which in turn leads a company to further progress and that translates into a flourishing financial development, among other things.

Military strategies not only help defend and save the nation, but can also aid companies in deploying appropriate and effective strategies and decisions, which ultimately only serve to facilitate operations.

It helps business leaders, managers and CEOs shift their mindset to a more practical one, which in this case means learning from those who were trained to face dangerous situations, putting their lives at stake.

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