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The big university competition of 2014

University Auditorium

Country boundaries no longer tie us down or limit us to a restricted range of choices for jobs or schools. Companies now work inside a worldwide spider web where Asian organizations have European firms as competitors. The same principle applies to schools as well. No longer are students restricted to national choices when it comes to universities. Today, more than ever, the borders that once kept all of us apart are becoming what they were in the first place: just lines on a map with little significance. But how does this translate for educational institutions, such as universities? What does having an international target public imply?

Business language: the thin edge between useful and redundant

Language Imagine, for a second, how the corporate world would be like, if the term “manager” was defined in English, as the person who controls an institution or department, and in Portuguese, as the person who drives a taxi. This would translate into companies facing obstacles when working with people and organizations across nations. Fortunately, this is not the case for today’s business language.

Employee retention, a problem no more


Employee turnover

Better is the adjective by which most of us lead our lives: better homes, better cars, better lifestyle and, more than often, better jobs. Such is the case that, while employees continuously aim to improve their careers, sometimes by changing jobs, companies strive to come up with  solutions to reduce voluntary turnover. Employee retention rate has been and remains one of the most intense battles fought by executives and HR departments.


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