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KPIs in a complex world: Can they describe everything? 
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important tool for businesses, enabling organizations to measure their results and to compare them against pre-set goals. If well designed and implemented, KPIs provide an accurate measurement of the company's performance. But how much can they measure? Can we use them for literally everything? Read more

Is Benchmarking worth a company's investment and time? 
Benchmarking, commonly known as learning from best practices, is an effective organizational performance tool that can boost a company's performance. What we ask here is whether benchmarking warrants the financial and time investments needed to make it work? Do you actually reap what you sow? Read more

Why use a strategy map?
A Strategy Map provides a visual representation of the organization's strategy. It is a powerful communication tool that enables employees to understand the company’s strategy and translate it into actions they can take, to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives. It is kind of like a GPA for businesses. Yet some organizations are not convinced of its utility, so today we'll clarify our viewpoint and explain why strategy maps are just so good. Read more

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15 Bits of Advice on KPI Documentation and Configuration 

What do you mean by KPI documentation? What about KPI configuration? Why do we have to document and configure our KPIs, just like we would do with an IT operating system? Read more

Building Performance: KPIs used in the Construction Industry 
The construction industry, as any industry, is not devoid of measurements, indicators and performance indices. So why do we use KPIs for this industry, and more importantly, what are some examples? Read more

Linking Big Data Visualization to the Value of KPIs
Big Data is...well, big. KPIs are omnipresent in the business world. So what do we get when we cross big with omnipresent, or in our case, Big Data Visualization with KPIs? Read more

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