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12 ways for your company to improve customer satisfaction 
Customer satisfaction is essential for an organization’s success. If a company wants to make it in today’s business world for a long period of time, it should focus on making its customers happy, on building a relation based on trust and, eventually, gaining their loyalty. Read more

The art of giving negative feedback: do’s and don’ts 
One of the most important communication skills managers should possess is the ability to give and receive feedback, especially negative feedback. It is one of the most challenging aspects in a working environment, and it is vital to learn how and when to give negative feedback, as this usually sets the tone for how the employer-employee relationship will go. Read more

6 easy steps to create a culture of innovation today
The number one obstacle to innovation is represented by unsupported culture. However, organizations that support a culture of innovation are generally value-driven, customer-focused and implement strategies that are developed through complex interactions with customers, employees and other partners. Find out how your organization can spur a culture of innovation and growth! Read more

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Performance Magazine, 10th edition
Performance Magazine is one of the most comprehensive performance management online publications out there. And it's free.

The content published in Performance Magazine pursues high and wide for some of the best, latest and most pressing topics of discussion in Performance Management and adjacent areas of interest.  This edition provides details on subject of KPIs, the Balanced Scorecard, Digital Performance and Organizational Performance, among others. 
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Tools of Trade - FAQs about Performance Management tools

Why your web hosting plan is hurting your website’s KPIs
The performance of your website can go a long way in boosting or slowing down your business. There are numerous means to improve website performance, but without an appropriate hosting plan and competent host, your efforts may prove futile. Read more

Creating a better education system with the Balanced Scorecard
Before the invention of Balanced Scorecards, organizations and companies used financial and/or quality operations and programs to measure how well they performed. This becomes problematic over time, as those factors do not necessarily directly contribute to the organization’s strategy, which can be doubly true of any educational system. However, Atlanta’s Public School System decided it will not shy away from the BSC, and tried to integrate it as best as they could. The results, which are presented in our article, speak for themselves and are a proof to how even education organizations can successfully implement the Balanced Scorecard. Read more

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