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  • Online Advertising. What platform should I use, when and why?

    Online Advertising. What platform should I use, when and why?

    Nowadays, online advertising is a must have for any kind of organization. What will make you stand out from the crowd is your marketing strategy. There is no such thing as two identical organizations, and while some might need brand awareness, some others might need direct selling. Based on the marketing strategy, your product type […]
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  • Deep Learning – The Future of Successful Businesses

    Deep Learning – The Future of Successful Businesses

    We have come a long way in terms of technology advancement. It is true that we have dreamed, in a more or less romanticized fashion, about artificial intelligence and all we could accomplish through it, however it seems that all our dreams might no longer seem so farfetched.
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  • Academic Interview: Martin Kunc

    Academic Interview: Martin Kunc

    In 2017, the Performance Magazine editorial team interviewed Martin Kunc, Associate Professor of Management Science at the Warwick Business School, United Kingdom. His thoughts and views on Performance Management are detailed below. The main challenge today is to have a balanced approach to performance management and to avoid falling into “performance managerialism”.
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