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How AI is Already Central to the Biggest Companies


AI has become a massive buzzword over the last few years, and part of the reason for this is its increasing utilization by the most powerful corporations on the planet. We’ve already shown how it can greatly impact some of the key processes within your business and how some companies are already offering consulting services on the adoption of AI.

What makes open source enterprise-ready?

If you go back to the past, about 10 years ago, you would see that a lot of CIOs believed there was something bad about open source. In general, we now see a diminishing fear of open source in the market.- Mike Olson, Board Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera.
Mr. Olson uses that word intentionally. Executives would bring up that open source wasn’t professionally developed, that it was not developed for companies. That is flat out no longer true. These days, open source software has become regulation compliant and gives CIOs a chance to fully take dominance of the speed of innovation.


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